Where Angels Lie

Story Arcs

This section gathers together the dolls that make up each of Volks' individual story arcs so far. Note that most of Volks' dolls these days have their own individual stories, but only some of them belong to specific story arcs.

Tokyo Boys Story / 東京少年物語

Volks' first story arc. It centres around four teenage school boys who live in present-day Tokyo and are friends, as well as some others who are close to them. The overall theme seems to be the poignancy of carefree youth. There is much information about the Tokyo Boys Story in the book 'Another Yourself'.

Oath of Silver Coin / 銀貨の誓い

Possibly Volks' most popular story arc. It is a period piece that focuses on two rival friends who have become enemies, Cecile and Williams, and other characters that are central to their lives. The story is quite tragic and heartfelt. There is much information about the Oath of Silver Coin story arc in the book 'Another Yourself'. (Note: the official Volks title is 'Oath of Silver Coin' but of course more correct English would be 'Oath of the Silver Coin' -- or possibly 'Oath of the Silver Coins', since there is more than one coin. ;P )

Harajuku Memories / 思い出の街、原宿

A story arc focused on the fashion styles popular with Japanese youth in the Harajuku area in Tokyo. Collaboration dolls with popular brand labels are often a feature. The characters are not all necessarily directly related to each other, though some are friends or family of each other.

Echoes of a Beautiful Banquet / 美しき宴の響き

This appears to be a catch-all name for any Volks SD based on a Japanese historical figure. All the SD released under this story arc name are from different historical periods and have no direct relation. Volks have called this arc a variety of things in English but the current official name appears to be 'Echoes of a Beautiful Banquet'.

The Maidens' Promises / 乙女達の約束

Another period piece, this one focuses on two girls from different families who wish to swap places with each other.

Rozen Maiden

This is not actually a Volks story arc, but deserves a mention - all these dolls are based directly on characters from the Rozen Maiden manga and anime series by Peach Pit.

Journey to Dream Nights / 夢夜へのいざない

This story arc is based on various children's fairytales; Chapter 1 was from "The Frog King" by the brothers Grimm, while Chapter 2 focused on "Puss in Boots" by Charles Perrault. Chapter 3 was based on the original retelling of "Little Snow White" by the brothers Grimm, and Chapter 4 was from "Boy That Visited Fairyland" by William Elliot Griffis. Chapter 5 is based on "Alice's Adventures in Wonderland" by Lewis Carroll.


This story arc seems to be about conceptualizing different jewel types into dolls. The Jewels arc has so far only been released at US events, with the except of Pearl 2009.

The Naval Academy / 海軍兵学校

This is another period piece, set in the Taisho era in Japan, centering around a romance between a young girl and a young naval officer.

The Dark Knight / 闇の騎士

So far not much is known, but this story seems to focus around Tohya, a 'business warrior', and Kohya, his alter ego.