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Cecile The Scarface Ocean of Deep Black Version


Cecile The Scarface Ocean of Deep Black Version (セシル・ザ・スカーフェイス漆黒の大海原Ver.)
Released: Kobe Cruise Event (22nd October, 2006)
Sculpt Design: Zoukeimura
Doll Design: K. Mayura
Outfit Design: Volks Doll Design Department
Price: 120,000yen (126,000yen with tax)
Eyes: HG Glass Eye / Cadet Blue with White Line / 18mm (one eye only)
Makeup: Zoukeimura Airbrush Makeup / Coated
Wig: Cecile the Scarface Original Wig / One Two Fiber

SD13 Original 'the Scarface' Boy Body / Unique Mold for Right Arm / Pureskin / UV Protect / Sunlight Skintone

red bandanna, black frock coat, white shirt, black sash belt, black velvet pants, black eyepatch, black boots, skull necklace

Status: sold out

Cecile the Scarface Ocean of Deep Black Version is the same headmold as Cecile the Scarface. He is similar to Cecile and Captain Cecile, except for the scarred eye.
Cecile the Scarface Ocean of Deep Black Version was a limited release only available to those who attended the Volks Kobe Cruise. Attendance to the Cruise was decided on by lottery entry; each lottery entry allowed two people to attend, and allowed one Cecile the Scarface to be bought. The number of attendees and Ceciles is unknown, but it was more than the Tokyo Cruise.
The Cruise was held on October 22nd, where a display model of Cecile the Scarface could be seen, but he was not delivered until later.
Those who purchased Cecile the Scarface also had the option of purchasing his special 'Captain Cecile Blind Eye' (a single Zoukeimura glass eye with blind pupil) for 5,000yen, and his Pirate Cecile Cutlass Sword and Limited Hands set for 7,800yen.
Purchasers of Cecile the Scarface could choose to later send him to Volks for a special 'eye opening' customisation on his scarred eye. This customisation only opened the scarred eye by a few millimetres and was said to make little difference to his overall appearance.
The Cecile with the scarred but open eye who is sometimes pictured with Cecile the Scarface is a display model only and has never been sold separately.
Cecile the Scarface is a part of the 'Oath of the Silver Coin' story arc, along with Lady Sylvie, Cyndy, Williams and Reisner/Reisner the Scarface. Captain Cecile is his alter ego version in this story.

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The Ocean of Deep Black

Why must night come...
Yet again these words slip from Cecile's lips.
Cecile's shadow prowls in the deep winter moonlight, severely drunk, as if he's trying to forget himself completely.
What calls the wind that fills these sails? Is it a storm? Or is it war?

On this voyage where even the course is undecided, who is following who?

Heading for the Ocean of Deep Black, a place that would daunt even the devil himself.