Where Angels Lie

Amakusa Shirou Tokisada

Name: Amakusa Shirou Tokisada (VlY)
Released: Hometown Dolpa Osaka 4 (12th August, 2007)
Sculpt Design: Zoukeimura
Doll Design: Valico
Outfit Design: Satin Doll
Price: 88,000yen (92,400yen with tax)
Eyes: HG Glass Eyes / Ash with Black Line / 18mm
Makeup: Zoukeimura Airbrush Makeup / UV Coated
Wig: Amakusa Original Wig / Natural
Body: SD13 Boy Body / Long Legs / Pureskin / UV Protect / Normal Skintone / KIPS

rosary, battle surcoat, kimono, kimono tie, obi, hakama, stole, tabi socks, zori sandals

Status: sold out

Amakusa is based on a well-known historical figure of the same name.
He is a part of the "Echoes of a Beautiful Banquet" story arc along with Ushiwakamaru, Souji and Genji.

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The handsome youth from the south seas - Amakusa Shirou Tokisada - now ascends yet again

At the end, where the glowing sky meets the southern sea
It colours even the beautiful islands of Amakusa, devastated by the sweeping passage of a severe storm.

Before long, this great strength will grow angry, and becoming a screaming voice that seeks the salvation of the gods; throwing off the earth's mantle, he will bring about an uprising.

25 years from now.

At the time when this world's end comes about, this 16-year-old cherub will come forth, surely to save those devoted to Christ.

Kan'ei era 14th year, October.

And finally, Amakusa will bury the sign of the cross in the earth at Shimabara.

The commander of the rioters - "Amakusa Shirou Tokisada" - there are 37,000 crosses that lead to this beautiful youth from the southern seas.

"What is the root of all things in heaven and earth, when all living things are without rank?"

At Hara Castle, during the March siege, without even a chance to fight well, our Messiah at last ascended to heaven.

His campaign to martyrdom even now is inherited within the hearts of Amakusa's people, continuing to faithfully hand down the belief that all things are equal.