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Ami Ayase

Name: Ami Ayase ( )
Released: Dolpa 21 (5th May, 2009)
Sculpt Design: Zoukeimura
Doll Design: MIKEY
Outfit Design: Salt Valley
Price: 98,000yen (102,900yen with tax)
Eyes: HG Glass Eyes / Ash with Black Line / 18mm
Makeup: Zoukeimura Airbrush Makeup / UV Coated
Wig: Ami Original Wig / Natural / DD Size
Body: SD16 Girl Body / Pureskin / UV Protect / Normal Skintone / extra optional legs

long tailored coat, tube top, short gathered dress, double strand cross and beads necklace, cross chain belt, tights, handbag with flower motif, lacy panties, cuffed leather boots

Status: sold out

Like all SD16 girls so far, Ami comes with both high heeled legs and optional normal legs with ankle joints that can be easily switched.
Ami was originally intended to come with 16mm eyes, and all of her promo shots show her wearing these eyes. However as glass eyes are handmade and each differ, the original eyes used in her were larger than usual 16mm eyes. MIKEY (her concept/makeup designer) and Mr. Kitamura (the sculptor of her headmold) consulted and decided to change her eyes to 18mm in order to retain their desired image of her, and so all actual sold models of her have 18mm eyes.
Although Ami was originally intended to only be available for sale until sold out on the day of Dolpa 21, due to the overwhelming demand from fans in advance of the event, Volks decided to offer a limited number of pre-orders for her as well once the actual numbers of her sold out. Pre-orders also sold out completely and are due to be delivered in mid July.
Those who purchased Ami were given a special application form to apply for 'Ami's Negligee Set' if they wish to purchase it. This item was sold by lottery to applicants and was not a guaranteed purchase. In addition, they were given access to a special website called 'Ami's Room' where they could find pictures of Ami in her negligee set (one, two, three) and a little more story about her, including mention of 'Onisan', a plush dog toy of hers, that could be considered a match for Jun's Komame. This site was only available for a few months before it was taken down.
Ami is a part of the 'Tokyo Boys Story' story arc, along with Shirou, Tsukasa, Isao, Yukinojo, Jun, Olivia, and Ryoya. She is the new protagonist of 'Chapter Two' of the story, which is set four years after the initial story. Her name was first mentioned in passing in the 'Another Yourself' book as a friend of Jun's, but until now nothing more has been known about her.

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Do you remember... me?
That clear summer day. It's been four years since we saw him off, waving to us from atop the deck of that ship.
So many seasons have slipped by since then, and the summer days are drawing near again.

Why, why couldn't I take even a single step forward?
Why, why couldn't I call out even a single word?

Back then, I was so shy all I could do was look down at the ground.
If I was the me I am now, maybe I'd have given that me a little push from behind.
"Go on. It'll be okay. Have some courage!"

I've never met him again, even once, since that day. And even though I thought to myself, "it's okay, Ami, think positive!"...
When I hear that Isao and Tsukasa have gotten letters, my heart aches, just a little.

"Do you remember... me?"
Surely, he couldn't forget about me... could he?

Tokyo Boys Story.
In the second chapter, a new change is coming.
And that change is Ami. But even though the boys long for her, perhaps they could never surpass her memories of him.
Volks delivers to you the poetry of her heart. Giving to you another fleeting page of adolescence...