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Jun Tachibana

Name: Jun Tachibana (k)
Released: Dolpa 12 (5th December, 2004)
Sculpt Design: Zoukeimura
Doll Design: MIKEY
Outfit Design: Volks Doll Design Department
Price: 80,000yen (84,000yen with tax)
Eyes: HG Glass Eyes / Lavender with Black Line / 18mm
Makeup: Zoukeimura Airbrush Makeup
Wig: Jun Original Wig / Natural / DD size
Body: SD13 Girl Body / Large Bust / Pureskin / Normal Skintone

white shirt, pleated tartan skirt, black belt, necklace, tartan boot covers, black boots

Status: sold out

Jun came with a unique left hand that is unavailable in any other way.
Jun was a special joint release with Haute Doll magazine in America, and the Dolpa 12 release of her came with a free issue of the January 2005 edition of magazine. American purchasers of this edition of the magazine had the option of purchasing Jun directly from Haute Doll in limited numbers.
Jun is a part of the 'Tokyo Boys Story' story arc, along with Shirou, Tsukasa, Isao, Yukinojo, Olivia, Ryoya and Ami.
Those who bought Jun had the option of sending in to also buy her plush cat 'Komame'. It came with a special comic that tells a story about it. All the Tokyo Boys Story LEs have had a special item and comic except for Shirou and Olivia.

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"If only Icchan were my brother!!"

So whinges Shirou's little sister, Jun.
They're so close that they can fight without ruining their relationship. Always fighting with Shirou, she hides herself in Isao's kind shadow.

When she's together with everyone, the usually mischievous Jun becomes completely quiet, fascinated by everyone's dreams for the future that they're discussing.
"Someday, I'll..."
What future might spread before her, thinking as she does?

Volks gives you the song of boys.
Comradery, friendly fights, childhood friends, best friends, rivalry... and love.
These irreplaceable companions, through mutual acceptance just living together in the "now".

The girl who stands with those boys, watching them. In her eyes even their dreams are reflected.

We give you her youthfulness, the times that seem to sparkle with light, trapped in a single moment.

The fourth addition is our first protagonist's younger sister.
A new "now" starts in the Tokyo Boys Story.

Note: 'Icchan' is a friendly nickname that Jun has for Isao.