Where Angels Lie


Name: Kaelin (PC)
Released: Home Town Dolpa Kyoto 6 (22nd March, 2009)
Sculpt Design: Zoukeimura
Doll Design: Valico
Outfit Design: Sawako Araki
Price: 88,000yen (92,400yen with tax)
Eyes: HG Glass Eyes / Deep Aqua with Black Line / 18mm
Makeup: Zoukeimura Airbrush Makeup / UV Coated
Wig: Kaelin Original Wig / Ivory / DD Size
Body: SD13 Boy Body / Long Legs / Pureskin / UV Protect / White Skintone

robe, hood with attached scarf, short cape, waist sash, sandals

Status: limited stock still available

Kaelin is the same headmold as Irvin - the only difference is the skintone.
Kaelin was first spotted as a display model for one of the limited outfits available for sale at NY Dolpa in 2008. However he was specifically noted as being "not available for sale". There was no hint that he would be released and he was thought to be similar to the Sakaki Sweet Dream and open-eyed Cecile the Scarface, who have often been used for photography but never released for sale. However, when the book "Komame's Lil' Custom Lessons" was released in October 2008, a picture of him was included with the note "details coming soon!" and fans continued to speculate about his released until details of Dolpa Kyoto 6 were made public.
Kaelin is a part of the 'Journey to Dream Nights: Chapter 4' story arc along with Irvin. Their story is based on the Welsh fairytale "Boy That Visited Fairyland" by William Elliot Griffis.
Irvin comes with two sets of ears, both the elf ears pictured (E-05) and also a set of human ears (E-08). Both sets of ears include airbrushed makeup.

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Welcome, welcome, one and all. How about I tell you a story about one of my favorite lands tonight?

This is an old, old tale, a mysterious tale, handed down from a distant land far across the seas.

Away across the ocean in that distant land, there was a boy, and my, was he a strong-willed young thing. His mother's wishes, his father's demands - all of them fell on deaf ears. That boy, he was out of hand, he was.

His father was at a loss, his mother overcome with sorrow. And there came a day when one of the monks in town took pity on them, and he sternly scolded the boy. But that boy, he got angry and upset, and he ran out of town, eyes clouded with tears.

And goodness, how long did he walk...! With the town far behind him, and the twilight drawing so close as to nearly be underfoot, at last the boy found himself at a small cave.

So exhausted was he from the long walk, that he slowly entered the cave, thinking to pass the night there. But the cave was full of naught but stones and darkness, and far, far less comfortable than he'd imagined it might be.

That single night felt longer than a week to the poor boy, as he endured the cold and the hunger, and quite suddenly he wanted to see his mother. "When I see the morning sun, I'll go home," he reassured himself, and waited out the night.

At long last the morning sun showed its face. But as the boy made his way towards the cave entrance, two beautiful elves appeared suddenly right before his eyes.

They greeted the young boy kindly, and one of them said this:

"Let us guide you to a land...
       ...overflowing with pleasures and games,
              filled with sweet music and delicious treats."

As soon as he heard the melodious voice of the guide, his hunger, his pain, and even his desire to return home to his mother all vanished in an instant. And with a bold nod of his head, the boy decided to go away to that land with his two elven guides.

The guide with the melodious voice was named Kaelin. And the guide who took the boy's hand and walked just ahead of him was called Irvin, or so I'm told.

Ahhh... so you've heard of Irvin, hmm? Yes, those eyes of his pierced right through the boy's heart, that's for certain.

The land that the boy visited, goodness but it was a wonderful land! But I think I'll have to end it here for today. Some other night I'll let you listen to my dream night stories to your heart's content. But until then, how about a little rest?

The tale of a young boy, spun by two beautiful elves.

Just how exactly did that boy's feelings reflect on his elven guides, I wonder?
Be sure not to miss the continuation of this tale of a visit to fairyland...!