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This is a site cataloguing all available information about Volks' Full Choice System. All options and available parts are listed, with as many photographs as possible, as well as any useful information that might be of note to anyone thinking to order a FCS.
While SD fans who live near Volks stores in Japan, Korea and America have the luxury of being able to go in and choose for themselves, other fans do not, and shopping services do not always have the time to find out all available parts. The end result is this site, in order to fill that void.
All information regarding available parts is current as of November 2009, however, occasionally Volks makes additions to their FCS options. If you have more recent information regarding available options, please email it to seraphim@angelden.net. Thank you! (^o^)

Please Note: anything marked as 'Sato Only' on the FCS pages is only available to be ordered at Volks' Tenshi No Sato location in Kyoto, Japan. These options can not be ordered at Volks' normal Tenshi no Sumika stores. (This includes the Korean and LA stores - they are normal Sumikas!) Please confirm that your shopping service can get Sato-only options before you choose them -- there are very few that can.
(Additionally, please note that Sunlight Skintone, as well as the F-29, F-30 and F-31 SD heads, are also available at the LA Sumika. In addition, MSD F-16 and F-17, and SD F-19, F-24 and F-25 are available at Tenshi no Mado in Harajuku. These are the only 'Sato Only' options that are available at non-Sato locations.)

please read! notice from seraphim - july, 2012

Please Note: I do not sell or order dolls! Please stop emailing me to buy them! Thank you.

All pictures on this site are © their owners. Super Dollfie are © Volks.
This site is intended as an informational resource only.
If you wish your pictures removed, please email me, I will do so without delay.
If you wish your pictures correctly credited, also please email me.

• Update, Sep 2012:
Thank you for your patience while we were away. All head mold info up to the most recent releases have been added to MSD and SD pages, including headmolds being made available for order tomorrow (Sep 23rd). The SD Graffiti FCS has also been added. Please note that this entire FCS category is Sato Only. Finally, I have added the new SD13B/SDGr hand parts H-07 to H-11. If you have any info about wigs, Omukae outfits, eyes, or anything else that has been released since September 2010, please let me know! (I will also catch up on email submission as soon as I can. I started with Volks official pics first.)
One more thing: Volks' new Tenshi no Mado location (in Harajuku) appears to be a Sumika for most FCS purposes, however it does have some Sato-only headmolds. If you have any info about anything else that is exclusive to Mado FCS, please let me know!!

• Update, Sep 2010:
Please Note: it has been confirmed with the Tenshi-no-Sato staff that the original samples they received of the new Zoukeimura colours GE-28 and GE-29 were incorrect samples. The correct colours for these eyes are as the original pictures published, and Tenshi-no-Sato now has correct samples to match this.
The eye colour pages have been updated to reflect this information; if you are considering GE-28 or GE-29, please reconfirm the colour that you are looking at!
However, apparently some early orders received incorrect colours that were similar to the incorrect samples. As a result, there are some eyes out there labeled "GE-28" that are the same colour as "GE-29", and some eyes labeled "GE-29" that are a colour that is no longer available. Please keep this in mind when purchasing secondhand.

• Update, Nov 2009:
The Sumika FCS has been renewed once again at the Tenshi no Sumika fair held on September 21st, 2009, and the following changes were made, effective of that date. These changes were also made at Volks Korea on the same date, and at Volks LA on November 15th.
The following items have been added to the Sumika FCS:
It is also now possible to order up to two extras of the following items with each FCS order you place: Note that this is two extras in addition to your order, for a total of three. Please note that wigs must be in the same size as the doll being ordered, and that hand and feet parts must be in the same size and skintone as the doll being ordered. As ears are limited to fairy heads, only MSD ears can be ordered at Sumika locations (for F-13) with the exception of Volks LA, where SD ears can be ordered with the LA-only fairy heads. Any extra ear parts ordered will come without makeup. Please note that optional extra parts are not sanded by default, but sanding can be ordered at extra cost for each additional pair ordered.

In addition, the following items have been discontinued, and are no longer available at any Tenshi no Sumika (including Volks Korea and Volks LA). They are currently only available at Sato.
In addition, when the above changes were added to Volks LA on November 15th, the ability to place orders in Sunlight Skintone was also added. Until now this skintone colour has been Sato Only. Volks LA is now the only Sumika location that can take sunlight skintone orders.

The Sato FCS was renewed on October 4th, 2009, and the above mentioned additions -- the new heads, and the ability to order extra parts -- were added. In addition, the following Sato only options were added:
The Seirei bodies are the bodies originally used for Yugiri and Sakaki. The Seirei 'girl' body is the same size as the SD13 girl body except that it is genderless and has almost no bust. The Seirei 'boy' body is the same as the SD13 boy body except that it is genderless. The Seirei 'girl' body has been added to the SD13 girl catalogue, while the Seirei 'boy' body has been added to the SD13 boy catalogue -- this means they can be ordered with any of the corresponding sized parts. Please note that the Seirei bodies and Seirei hand parts can only be ordered in normal or white skintone. They are not available in sunlight.

The Sato FCS is then being renewed once again on December 23rd, 2009. The following options will be added:
At the same time, the following items will be discontinued completely and will no longer be available anywhere. (This includes all the items that were discontinued at the Sumikas on September 21st, as well as some Sato-only items being discontinued.)
Where available, pictures have been added of all the new additions to the Sumika and Sato FCS. Pictures are still scarce so submissions are very welcome!

     ~Log of Previous Full Choice System Updates~

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All pictures on this site are © their owners.
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This site is intended as an informational resource only.