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MSD Boy/Girl/Fairy FCS

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Japan Sumika/Sato: 51,450yen with tax. (49,000yen before 5% tax)
LA: US$583.46 with tax. (US$539 before 8.25% tax)
Note: The price is the same whether you order from Sumika or Sato. There is no price increase for Sato FCS.

Skintone Colour:
Note: Please see here for a very clear comparison of the three skintone colours available, with thanks to Leigh for the picture.
Extra Note: 'Normal' has occasionally been referred to as 'Fresh', and 'White' has occasionally been referred to as 'Snow' -- so if you come across these names elsewhere, that is what they are referencing. However 'Normal' and 'White' are the official Volks names for them. 'Sunlight' is occasionally called 'kasshoku' (F) by the Japanese fans (it literally just means 'brown') but is almost universally in Japanese and English simply called 'Sunlight'.

SC-01: Normal

SC-02: White

SC-03: Sunlight