Quick Jump

Note: You can only choose ears for the 'fairy' type heads that take optional ears -- F-11, F-13, F-21 and F-22. If you are not ordering one of these heads, you cannot choose ears.

You can also ask for the ears to be painted, if you wish. You are allowed to chose whichever colour you prefer however at this time Volks now only allows the ears to be painted in one single colour, with the exception of E-02 and E-04, for which you can choose one colour for the inside and one colour for the outside.

* Extras Option: when ordering 'fairy' head types, it is now possible to order up to two extra pairs of ears, for a total of three pairs per FCS order. Each additional pair of ears costs 3,150yen, and can only be ordered in the same size and skintone of the doll being ordered. Please note that it is not possible to request the additional ears to be painted.