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What is FCS?

Full Choice System, more commonly known as "FCS" (or t` ("furucho") in Japan) is a special Volks-only system whereby you can basically build your dream doll and have them create it for you. You choose the headmold, body, arms, legs, hands, feet, eyes, wig, eyelashes, and makeup style from a wide selection available, and Volks will then build the doll to your specifications, including painting the faceup you ask for.

As well as allowing you to make your doll more special and unique than one of the standard Volks dolls available off-the-shelf, there are also a plethora of options that are only available to be gotten via FCS; in particular, a large number of the headmolds. This means if you are after a particular head that is not released in any normal fashion, then FCS is the only way for you to get it.

Volks makes FCS available in three of the doll sizes that they offer -- MSD, SD, and SD13. Both boys and girls can be ordered in each size.

Volks believes FCS to be a very special service, creating and customizing your 'dream doll' exactly as you have requested it, from beginning to end. As such, they firmly wish for the owner to place their FCS order in person at a Volks store, so that they can discuss every aspect of the doll in fine detail and make sure that they understand what the owner wants correctly. In particular, much time is devoted to the 'custom makeup' part of any order that includes it, until the staff member is absolutely certain that they understand everything that the owner has requested.

Volks also treat the arrival of any FCS doll as a special moment, and when you pick your FCS up from the store, they allow you to do the final 'unveiling' of the doll yourself, so that you are the first person to see your new doll with your own eyes, and allow you as much time as you want to marvel over your new doll before taking them home. In addition, if there is anything that you are not happy with in regards to the faceup, they allow a one-time free 'renewal' service wherein your doll will be sent back to Kyoto in order to redo the faceup to better suit your desires.

Of course, unfortunately not all of us are able to order our FCS in person, much as we might wish to... hence the existence of shopping services, those kind people who will order FCS on behalf of others, and also this site, cataloguing all the details so that prospective owners can peruse them in advance, and so that shopping services will not be taxed with constant questions about available parts.

We sincerely hope that this site is useful to you. (^_^) And having placed many FCS orders ourselves when living in Japan, both for us and for other people, we sincerely hope that your FCS ordering experience is full of happiness and joy and that your dream doll is everything that you wish and hope for them to be!

If you have any further questions about FCS, the ordering process, the available parts, or anything else, or if you have a suggestion for something that you would like to see added to the site, please don't hesitate to contact me. (^_^)