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• Update, Nov 2008:
All FCS locations now carry the renewed 2008 FCS. The site has been updated to reflect this, including new prices and the wig list. For further info see the September update below. The old version of FCS with the lower price and the older wigs is no longer available to be ordered at any location.
Note that the English wig names and eye colour names have been updated to reflect what is in the 2008 LA FCS catalogue.

• Update, Sep 2008:
please read carefully as this is a bit complicated. ^^;
First of all, as of September 13th, the standard Tenshi no Sumika FCS has been renewed. The following changes have been made:
Now to add to the confusion: Tenshi no Sato will not have these changes until October 11th. There is a Sato-only event on the weekend of October 11th. At this time, two new SD heads, F-39 and F-40, as well as two new MSD heads, F-23 and F-24, will be added to the Sato FCS, and in addition, all of the above changes will be made to Sato FCS. So until October 12th, Sato has the old wig list available (with the otherwise now-discontinued wigs), does not have the suwarikko body, does not have KIPS as standard, does not have the extra makeup options, and still has the old prices. If you are interested in any of the discontinued wigs then you have a few weeks to order them at Sato before they go.
In addition to this, at the October 11th event Tenshi no Sato will be getting new Japanese styled Omukae Outfits. These will replace the sailor suit outfits which have moved to the Sumikas. These Japanese styled outfits will only be available at Sato and only until sold out; they will not be restocked.

Furthermore, please note that the Tenshi no Sumika in LA will not being getting these changes until November 1st. It appears they will get all the Sumika changes. Prices will increase to US$539 for MSD, US$900 for SD boy/girl and SD13 girl, and US$957 for SD13 boy.
It is also unknown when the Tenshi no Sumika in Korea will have these changes. (If you have further info, please email me!)

Due to the entirely different wig lists now available between Sumika and Sato/LA, I have split the wig pages into two pages. The Sumika and Sato/LA lists are now on separate pages and will remain that way until the Sato and LA FCS is renewed.

Whew, I hope you got through all that without too much confusion. I think everyone is confused right now, but it all becomes clear when you concentrate on it for awhile! Feel free to email me if you've questions, but please note I am quite busy with work so may be slow with replies. If you want to know something urgently a shopping service may be your best bet.

Where available, pictures have been added of the new headmolds and new Omukae Outfits.