notice from seraphim - July, 2012
  hi everyone.

as you've probably noticed, hasn't been updated in a long, long time. I feel really bad about that. the reason for that is that I've had some really serious ongoing health issues, and they really were all that I was able to focus on for the longest time. it's been a long and frustrating journey dealing with it, but finally I feel a lot better than I have in ages. is something that really means a lot to me. it's a special project that's close to my heart, and I always felt glad to be providing a useful database to volks fans everywhere. but it's been stagnating for two years now, and all my information is out of date. I want to fix that. I want to make it the useful and up-to-date database that it used to be.

that's where I need your help. I've got two years and more of data to add, and that's going to take awhile. researching it is going to take even longer, because I've not been keeping up with the scene; I just haven't been able to. so if you have links, information, high quality scans, etc, of data relating to any SD released in the last two years, I would be super grateful if you could email it to me. limited editions, standard editions, FCS info, whatever. I need it all! both where angels lie and creating dreams need to be brought up to speed! You can email me here. If you have lots of large files, I'd prefer it if you could upload them somewhere (your web server, flickr, photobucket, whatever) and send me links rather than sending me large emails. my inbox can only handle so much! other than that, go for broke. I can't guarantee that I will answer all your emails -- I've still got a lot on my plate in real life right now. but I will be so, so grateful for your assistance, and of course I will add your names to the thank you page. (^^)

thank you again for all your support these long years. and thank you to all those who have emailed expressing concern about the lack of updates, and offering to help. I'm grateful to all of you. (^o^) it will take me awhile, but I promise to make a worthwhile site again!!