SD13 Girl
Quick Jump
Legs and Feet

Note: L-02 are the standard SD13 girl legs. You can choose either legs for your SD13 girl, but be aware that her legs will be shorter than the average SD13 girl if you choose L-01.

SD normal leg

SD13 girl normal leg
(1cm longer than L-01)

Note: FO-01 and FO-03 can be bought seperately as optional parts from Volks website and any Volks Tenshi no Sumika in normal skintone, and from Tenshi no Sato in white and sunlight skintone. If you would like some variety with feet for your doll, or know anyone who wants the FCS-only FO-02, then it's suggested that you order them with FO-02 feet and buy the optional part feet as well.

* Extras Option: it is now possible to order up to two extra pairs of feet with each FCS, for a total of three pairs per FCS order. Each additional pair of feet costs 3,990yen, and can only be ordered in the same size and skintone of the doll being ordered. It is possible to order the same pair of feet multiple times in the one order if you wish.