Where Angels Lie


Where Angels Lie (and AngelDen in general) is jointly run by several friends all living in various parts of Asia.
However this site would not be what it is today without the help of a lot of great people so we felt the need to thank them somewhere! (^^)

• to Volks, of course, for making these wonderful dolls possible, and for keeping such detailed records about them all!
• to Leigh, for the totally kick arse web site design she offered to do and then completed in record time.
• to Helene, Susan, Janne, Nat, Honorine, Tami, Aisha, Minako, Lara, Astrosnik, the D&H Shoppe, and many other early members of the original ML SD Dreams, and DoA in its infancy, who provided many of the early pictures and information about the SD dolls that were pieced together to cover the earlier years of Volks history.
• to the multitude of Y!JA sellers who have donated images.
• to Ria_ria, for donating many Volks Newsletter scans, other magazine scans, photos from Sato, photos of her own dolls, and also for providing the latest and most accurate information directly from Volks any number of times.
• to Aimee, for the images and information that she donated.
• to switch for her numerous and awesome LE and Tenshi photos from Sato.
• to Shirou_oh_sakura for her awesome hi-res Yukinojou and Isao comic scans.
• to Kellyhime for her wonderful YoTenshi wing comparison pics.
• to Connie, for the picture of her adorably gorgeous SeiTenshi, and the School Head B pic she took at one of the Volks events.
• to Lelei, for all her great SD Cute girl hands pics, her SD Cute girl bust comparison pics, and her info about SD Cute girls.
• to AreeElf, for her great ReiTenshi, Masha and School Head images from NY Dolpa 2.
• to AmnesticAngel, for the adorable pic of her SeiTenshi as well as her ReiTenshi images from NY Dolpa 2.
• to Armeleia, for her awesome ReiTenshi images from NY Dolpa 2.
• to Lolly, for her great ReiTenshi pic from NY Dolpa 2.
• to Lone Sheep, for the picture of her gorgeous little ReiTenshi.
• to Jay, for the lovely pics of his Masha, School Head A and School Head C.
• to the many other Resinality and DoA members who have posted various pics publically and allowed them to be freely used in the interests of getting the information out there.
• to the many LJ friends who critiqued the site and donated information about their own dolls to help make this site as accurate as possible.
• to Yuzuko, who hopefully knows why she is so damn awesome.
• to Seph, Maxx, Jun, Rhian, JoJo and Karhys, just because.
• to all the wonderful Volks fans who have become treasured friends thanks to this hobby.
• and to all the people who enjoy this site and visit it, because it wouldn't be much without an audience to love it!