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Shinn Dolpa 20 Version

Name: Shinn Dolpa 20 Version (シン ドルパ20Ver.)
Released: Dolpa 20 (7th December, 2008)
Sculpt Design: Zoukeimura
Doll Design: Rumina
Price: 34,000yen (35,700yen with tax)
Eyes: Acrylic Eyes (Chibi Eyes) / GR-05-Hazel / 16mm
Makeup: Zoukeimura Airbrush Makeup / UV Coated
Wig: Shinn Original Wig / Natural Gold / SD Cute size
Body: YoSD Boy Body / Pureskin / UV Protect / Normal Skintone
Outfit: not included

Status: sold out

Shinn Dolpa 20 Version is the same headmold as Lin Dolpa 20 Version, Shinn and Lin.
Shinn Dolpa 20 Version and Lin Dolpa 20 Version were rereleased as Volks' 'the Best Selection: the Best of the BESTs' models. All of the 'the Best of the BESTs' models released at Dolpa 20 are assumed to be the dolls that received the most votes in Volks' the Best Selection polls being run during their 10th Anniversary year.
Every customer who purchased Shinn Dolpa 20 Version or Lin Dolpa 20 Version on the day at Dolpa 20 received a free random piece of wooden furniture as a gift. The types of furniture available included several types of beds, chairs, high chairs, and cots. These furniture gifts were only available at the event itself and will not be given out at the After Event.

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These little Super Dollfie work in the Tenshi-no-Sato Kachu-an garden, as busy as bees.

Everyone's impassioned requests have put Yo-SD Shinn and Lin in first place!

Could it be that out of all of our Yo-SD, it's these expressions, just a teeny bit more grown-up, that have captured your hearts?

"Lin, Shinn. Take a little break from your work at Tenshi-no-Sato, okay?"

SD Owners all over the world, and all of your many fans, are eagerly awaiting you both!