Where Angels Lie


Name: Rengemaru (@Ԋ)

Hometown Dolpa Kyoto 3 (21st March, 2005)
Dolpa 13 (3rd May, 2005)
Sculpt Design: Zoukeimura
Doll Design: Saifa
Outfit Design: Volks Doll Design Department
Price: 33,000yen (34,650yen with tax)
Eyes: Acrylic Eyes / Cobalt / 16mm
Makeup: Zoukeimura Airbrush Makeup
Wig: W-55-C / Boy's Short / Dark Brown
Body: YoSD Boy Body / Pureskin / Normal Skintone
Outfit: Clothes not included.

Status: sold out

Rengemaru is the same headmold as Suzuna.

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These are "YoSD", the form you took when you were just born into this world.
This is the introduction of the newest Super Dollfie series.

~Tiny SD, smiling in the palm of your hand: Rengemaru and Suzuna~

When you were younger, the nasturtium flower was much bigger, so that a single blossom could fill the palm of your hand.
Each single petal of the flower seemed to be talking together amongst themselves.
When you looked at them, nestled together so cheerfully, they seemed to be so abundantly happy that you came to want someone to teach you that sort of happiness.

Won't you go together with YoSD Rengemaru and Suzuna, searching once more for that fluttering feeling that you felt back then?
These two are always nestled together, giving you a special smile that is just for you alone.

Note: the nasturtium flower is called 'renge' in Japanese, with the same kanji as the first part of Rengemaru's name.