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YoTenshi Yayoi

Name: YoTenshi Yayoi (cVg)
Released: Tenshi no Sato 4th Anniversary Fair (15th~17th March, 2008)
Sculpt Design: Zoukeimura
Price: 38,000yen (39,900yen with tax)
Eyes: HG Glass Eyes / Cadet Blue with Black Line / 16mm
Makeup: Zoukeimura Airbrush Makeup / UV Coated
Wig: Yayoi Original Wig / Gradation Colour / Ivory
Body: YoTenshi (Asexual) Body / Pureskin / UV Protect / Normal Skintone / Schpitt Function

white cast resin angel wings, Yayoi version

Status: sold out

YoTenshi have a special 'Schpitt' function, which is two magnets on the inside of the back that allow their resin wings to be attached and removed with ease. Each of the YoTenshi released by Volks so far has come with a different style of wings -- you can find a comparison pic of some of the wing types here.
The YoTenshi body looks basically like the YoSD boy body, except that instead of having any genitals, the area between the legs is completely blank.

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Yayoi is still deeply, soundly, completely fast asleep.
If the first storm of spring doesn't blow on in, if the sunshine doesnt sparkle brightly, it will never ever wake up.

But in the garden at Sato, the dayflies have already begun to awaken.
Why don't you get one step ahead of them, and try to awake Yayoi with your own warmth?

Cute little Yayoi, still fast asleep.. I wonder who it'll go to?