Where Angels Lie


Name: Arashi ()
Released: Dolls Party 13 (3rd May, 2005)
Sculpt Design: Zoukeimura
Doll Design: MIKEY
Outfit Design: Eiri
Price: 56,000yen (58,800yen with tax)
Eyes: HG Glass Eyes / Cadet Blue with Black Line / 16mm
Makeup: Zoukeimura Airbrush Makeup
Wig: Arashi Original Wig / Natural
Body: SD Cute Boy Body / Pureskin / Normal Skintone

black jumpsuit, white tank top, mesh tank top, black wristband, necklace, shoes

Status: sold out

Arashi was the first SD Cute boy released. His original prototype looked very similar to SD13 boy Shirou but his final version is more reminiscient of SD13 boy Isao. He came with the then-revolutionary leg system wherein his thighs have a swivel joint, allowing him to sit cross-legged.

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Arashi -a messenger from Tenshi-no-Sato-

A new SD Cute, a new friend from Tenshi-no-Sato is a bravely lookin angel, SD Cute Arashi

"Tenshi-no-Sato", in Saga Arashiyama, Kyoto, is a special space for you and your SDs.

Little angels, from the town of bright green leaves and the warm spring sun, is coming to you to say hello!

SD Cute Arashi is a bravely looking angel boy.

How is this little angel from quiet Kyoto going to heel your mind in the noisy city.