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SD13 x Volks Original "D"

Name: SD13 x Volks Original "D" (SD13~VOLKS Original "DifB)")
Released: Dolls Party 7 (5th May, 2002)
Sculpt Design: Zoukeimura
Makeup Design: K. Mayura
Outfit Design: Volks

118,000yen (123,900yen with tax) (at Dolpa)
108,000yen (113,400yen with tax) (at After Event)
Eyes: Zoukeimura Glass Eyes / Sea Blue / 20mm
Wig: D Original Wig / Black
Eyelashes: Upper - Black, Lower - Light Blue
Body: SD13 Girl Body / Large Bust / Old Resin / Normal Skintone

black ruffled jacket, black corset, black garter set with panties and stockings, black hairpiece, black boots

Status: sold out

D has the Sara 13 head, which is the same headmold as Kira 13, Megu 13 and Nana 13. They are often referred to as 'the four sisters 13' headmold. The FCS number for this headmold is F-10.
D was one of six collaboration 'gothic lolita' dolls that were done with several of the most popular 'gothic lolita' designer labels, in celebration of a gothic lolita event where Volks dolls were featured that was held in Harajuku just 2 months prior to their release.
The difference in price between the Dolpa and the After Event versions was because the Dolpa versions had their makeup done by a professional artist, while the AE versions were done by regular finishers.

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