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Nono - White Skin Shrine Maiden Version

Name: Nono - White Skin Shrine Maiden Version (のの白肌巫女仕様)
Released: August, 2000
Sculpt Design: Zoukeimura
Outfit Design: Zoukeimura
Price: 64,800yen (68,040yen with tax)
Eyes: Acrylic Eyes / Blue / 22mm
Makeup: Zoukeimura Standard Makeup
Wig: Ichimatsu / Black
Body: SD Girl Body / Old Resin / Beauty White Skintone
Outfit: shrine maiden outfit (cost 12,800yen extra)

Status: sold out

The FCS number for Nono's headmold is F-07.

Official Links: Superdollfie.net Profile

Resinality: -
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