Where Angels Lie


Name: Schulze (Vc)
First Released:  Hometown Dolpa Kyoto 3 (21st March, 2005)
Sculpt Design: Zoukeimura

31,000yen (32,550 with tax)
(plus class fee, varies from 1,000~2,000yen)
Eyes: HG Glass Eyes / Light Violet / 16mm
Wig: W-64N / Natural
Body: MSD Boy Body / L-01 Legs / Pureskin / Normal Skintone

Status: available at some Dolpa and Sumika Workshops

Schulze and Maria were the first MSD school heads to be released. They were originally made available at Dolpa only. They have since been released at several other Dolpas, as well as some of the special school classes held at Sumika locations.
Schulze comes as a kit, including head, body, wig and eyes, and has to be put together and given a faceup by the owner.
Schulze is the same headmold as Maria.
The first release of Schulze and Maria was old resin, but all subsequent releases have been pureskin.
Unlike most MSD boys, Schulze comes with the normal length L-01 legs rather than the longer L-02 legs.

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