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School Head A

Name: School Head A (‹³ŽºƒwƒbƒhA)
First Released: 2002?
Sculpt Design: Zoukeimura

14,800yen (15,540yen with tax)
(plus 1,500yen to attend class)
Type: SD size / Old Resin & Pureskin / Normal Skintone

Status: available at Tenshi no Sato, Dolpa and Sumika Workshops

It is unclear when the first School Head A was released, but the earliest reference I can find is mid 2002. This head is mainly sold at Tenshi no Sato painting classes, and also at most Dolpa class events. It was original released in old resin, but with the opening of Tenshi no Sato was upgraded to pureskin.
This head can be purchased when taking any of the painting classes at Tenshi no Sato, and also at any of the classes held at Volks' Dolpas. It is also usually made available at the special school classes held at Sumika locations.
School Head A is Volks' most popular School Head. It is said to be similar to Lucas, Chris, Sasha, and the old F-28/new F-16 FCS heads, and can be a popular alternative.
This head works well as both a boy or girl doll, and can fit on SD10 boy and girl bodies, and SD13 boy and girl bodies equally well.

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