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Dolpa 7 Limited Premium Head

Name: Dolpa 7 Limited Premium Head (ドルパ7限定プレミアムヘッド)
Released: Dolls Party 7 (5th May, 2002)
Sculpt Design: Zoukeimura/Akihiro Enku
Price: unknown

Status: sold out

This head was made available for sale in very limited numbers at Dolls Party 7 as an optional head. It was touted as an 'elf' head as it has slightly pointed ears -- it is the only 'elf' type head Volks have released where the ears are attached instead of removable. At the time of its release, those who purchased it could request to receive a faceup on the head at the same time, and could ask the faceup artists to do whatever sort of faceup they wanted. In some sense this was a precursor to the FCS "order makeup" idea.
A few one-offs were also released using this head, and the Dolpa 9 Auction OneOff boy Nikolaus and Dolpa in Korea Auction OneOff boy Sidney also both had this head. It is very difficult to come across this head nowadays, but it does occasionally surface on Y!JA.
This head was later used for the LE SD10 girl Lady Sylvie, however the Sylvie version does not have the pointed ears. As the Dolpa 7 head was old resin and Lady Sylvie was pureskin, the theory is that the sculpt was remade for the pureskin version.

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