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Andolrea U-Noss

Name: Andolrea U-Noss (エンドルレアユノス)
Released: Dolls Party 3 (30th April, 2000)
Sculpt Design: Gentarou Araki
Doll Design: Gentarou Araki
Price: 79,800yen (83,790yen with tax)

Aika: light purplish grey eyes + one red eye
Seina: medium blue eyes + one mirrored eye

Aika: brown wig
Seina: blonde wig
Body: Andolrea U-Noss body / old resin / normal skintone / eye gimmick

Aika: black spandex outfit, boots, demon horns
Seina: white spandex outfit, boots, robot headgear

Status: discontinued

Andolrea U-Noss were a joint collaboration between Volks and popular manga and figure artist Gentarou Araki.
There were two models of the U-Noss; Aika and Seina. The sculpt was identical, but Aika came with a brown wig, black outfit, demon horns, and an extra red eye, while Seina came with a blonde wig, white outfit, robot headgear and an extra mirrored eye.
They were made in limited numbers and were not available for regular sale -- rather, one had to go to Volks and place an order for one, and when a sufficient number of orders were placed, they would be fulfilled. Thus the wait time for a U-Noss could be mere weeks, or many months.
Although roughly the same height as SD (coming in at 57cm (22.5 inches) tall) U-Noss had a much more curvaceous and adult figure than the SD10 or even the SD13. Her hands were also bigger and more expressive and her feet were also bigger and took SD13 boy sized shoes. In addition, she had a special 'eye gimmick' device in her head, which allowed you to change the direction that her eyes were angled without opening her head like with the SD. Also, her eyebrows and eyelashes were sculpted on. And she had tiny slots in her head that allowed you to insert accessories such as Aika's demon horns, or optional part cat ears, etc.
Araki also did a photobook called 'Andolrea U-Noss' that featured Aika and Seina. It can still be found 2ndhand in places like Amazon.co.jp.
In October, 2004, the Andolrea U-Noss line was discontinued and no further U-Noss were made. They can now only be found on the 2ndhand market.
U-Noss are the predecessors of Gentarou Araki's popular U-Noa dolls, who are smaller in size but kept many of the features of the U-Noss.

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