Where Angels Lie


Name: Yuni (j)
Released: Tenshi no Sumika Seoul, Korea Opening (18th November, 2003)
Outfit Design: Two Witches
Price: 547,800won
Eyes: HG Glass Eyes / Cadet Blue with White Line / 14mm
Wig: W-87N / Short Bob / 24
Eyelashes: Auburn
Body: MSD Girl Body / Old Resin / Normal Skintone

white shirt, tartan shorts, tartan wrap skirt with chain attachment, black tie, black hat, black boots

Status: sold out

Yuni was said to be a new head that was previously only used for some one-off model 'Antique' style MSDs (one, two) released at an earlier Dolpa.

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Yuni is coming to ROCK your world!

The mischievous girl Yuni makes her first appearance at Korea SR! She's a girl with a cute face, so full of such energy that she causes problems for everyone else. She can sometimes be stubborn, but the truth is she's a girl full of dreams who loves to look at the stars. Won't you go dreaming, together with Yuni?