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Ken (pureskin)

Name: Ken ()
Released: Hometown Dolpa Tokyo 2 (2nd May, 2004)
Sculpt Design: Zoukeimura
Price: 31,000yen (32,550yen with tax)
Eyes: Acrylic Eyes / Green Grey / 16mm
Wig: W-55N / Boys Short / Classic Gold
Body: MSD Boy Body / Pureskin / Normal Skintone
Outfit: Clothes not included.

Status: discontinued

Ken is the same headmold as Mika, and the LE models Ken and Mika. The FCS number for this headmold is F-02.
Ken is sold as a kit version that must be assembled and given a faceup by the owner. Volks will assemble Ken and give him a faceup for you for a small fee.

This version of Ken was discontinued as of September 2008 and is no longer sold by Volks. You can now buy the 2010 Renewal Version instead.

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MSD Ken becomes pureskin and makes his entrance at Hometown Dolpa Tokyo 2!