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These doll icons originally came from this site. However, as it failed to update with new icons, many Den of Angels members made their own to fill the lacking spaces. This is an updated collection including all currently available icons. New additions can usually be first found in this thread at DoA before making their way here.

In general, the icons with ticks indicate a doll who currently has a faceup. The icons without ticks indicate a doll who is between faceups, or is currently receiving a faceup.

Please save these to your own website before using them -- please do NOT direct link to them.

Please use the navigation in the top right to access the icons:
'Girls' contains girls of all sizes, from YoSD to SD16.
'Boys' contains boys of all sizes, from YoSD to SD17.
'All Else' contains SD and MSD FCS, School Heads, Tenshi types, and U-Noss.

Last Updated: 10/May/09:
* added YoSD HinaIchigo, Kanon, Neon, Kira, Sara, Nana, Megu, Kun, Ryo, Show, Nono, Mimi, Remi and Colin, MSD Yui Sweet Dream, SDC Renee, Ryu, Sora and Toki, SD10 Rose, Bianka, Tae Sweet Dream, Ran and Miruku, SD13 Suigintou, Souji Okita, Tsuyoshi Maki, Irvin, Eden and Kaelin, SD Graffiti Ryoya Konoe, SD16 Pearl, Iris, Johanna and Ami Ayase, SD17 Alain, Reisner the Scarface and Hikaru Genji, SD FCS F-37, F-38, F-39 and F-40, MSD FCS F-21, F-22, F-23 and F-24, Tenshi Yayoi, Shizuku, Hinata and Mamu Sweet Dream.
* redesigned layout for easier use.